Stacy is a simple soul,
a teacher at heart,
a wonderful mother,
and a team player even when she doesn't want to be.

She looks at the big picture and keeps me grounded with her realistic views. She makes up her own words to any song and does whatever she wants no matter who's watching. She goes along with my crazy adventures and even my outrageous demands at times.

She loves Chick-Fil-A Ice Cream, Dunkin Donut's Vanilla Iced Coffee, and she'd rather drink her iced coffee than eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She's always full of ideas and is never afraid to share them. She is the girl who makes sure we always have a full glass of Dr. Pepper before embarking on our latest adventure. She treks behind me as we climb mountains and hike canyons for the perfect shot and never complains about how much my life has consumed hers. She is determined to let me live out my dream, but not without her of course.

She's the perfect partner in crime for me.