Capturing the free-spirit of those young-at-heart to bring their most beautiful stories to life.
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Our Purpose

We are Lifestyle Photographers Specializing in CAPTURING and Preserving THE FREE-SPIRIT OF the YOUNG-AT-HEART for Personal and Commercial Use.


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Photography for the Modern Free-Spirited Millennial



We are Kayla and Stacy, the mother/daughter duo behind Kayla Faye Photography where we specialize in portrait and fashion photography for the modern, free-spirited millennial. Our passion for working with those young-at-heart drives us to tell their compelling stories in an authentic way. This Central Florida based duo has been fueled since its beginning by Kayla's passion for capturing moments and serving others as well as Stacy's passion to further her daughter's dreams.

We love Jesus, people, a good cup of coffee, and we love capturing the unique stories of those around us. From senior photos, to first loves, to enhancing your brand's story, and each stage in between, we love being storytellers of life and feel incredibly blessed to be a part of every story. Now we hope to be a part of your's too! No matter what disconnection you may feel, we want you to know that there is a place where you fit in! Welcome to Kayla Faye Photography!


The Issue

Today, the world is moving fast and our lives even faster. We are constantly fighting against time’s relentless current, struggling to fully embrace and appreciate each stage of life. Sometimes this means a disconnect between millennials and their family; sometimes it's a business struggling to connect with their clientele; sometimes it’s a lack of self-confidence. Whatever the cause, the issue is we too often fail to capture some of life's greatest moments.

The Solution

We understand those young-at-heart because that is who we are. We understand the issue because we have personally experienced it! Our passion for millennials comes from a place of understanding millennials and, because of this, we are able to connect with them on a deep level. Our experience and expertise allows us to authentically capture the essence of their stories. Where there is a disconnect, allow us to step along side you and find the solution. You are worth it!


We Believe In Love Displayed in Actions More Than Words

We are passionate about those young-at-heart. In addition to our professional work, we volunteer as mentors to students in our community because we believe that love displayed through authentic acts of kindness and service is how the next generation can truly feel accepted for who they are and be empowered by their identity to find their true purpose. Our hope is that through our unique customized photography experience, we can capture the depth that is beyond outer beauty and lift the spirits of those young-at-heart as we celebrate, and for a moment join, their unfolding life story.

We Believe In Moments, Not Poses

We believe the best way to capture your story in its truest form is by creating an atmosphere that allows moments of transparency to happen naturally. Because each story is different, at Kayla Faye Photography our sessions are tailor-made for each client and the locations we choose are guided by their stories. We love to work with you to look beyond the norm and discover unexpected locations that allow authenticity to flourish. Our years of experience and expert eye will lead to capturing genuine moments, not poses. We want to capture who you are and never who others expect you to be. We welcome vulnerability because in such moments, beauty exudes from the heart. When vulnerability meets passion beautiful things can happen.



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